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In 2012, Tamasha Theatre approached us about writing a theatre piece based on some of our members’ life stories. Christine Bacon, artistic director of ice&fire Theatre, wove their words into a vivid plait, which became a script which we rehearsed and staged. ‘Souvenirs’ (named after the torture scars on their bodies ) was launched at Jackson’s Lane Theatre in April 2013 and continues to be staged around the UK

Conteh in shoes
Hasani and Conteh


A conversation with the curator of the Tate archives led to a series of workshops in 2012, in which our writers responded to the art works on display at Tate Britain. Each of them chose a work that spoke to them, and wrote about it – often with a completely different response than a native Briton would have. They then performed these writings in June 2012, in the first ever performance by refugees in the public galleries of the Tate. We have continued to collaborate with Tate Modern on workshops, performances and captions in their ‘Bigger Picture’ series

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