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Having children unleashed a previously unsuspected comic impulse, which resulted in three novels inspired by family life.

Small Talk

Hodder Headline lead title and W H Smith ‘Fresh Talent’ for 2001.
In which we discover that babies are not born blank and malleable, but with a determined, and alien, agenda of their own. 

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Are We Nearly There Yet?

This sequel follows the nascent family to California, where ten years of sardonic observation during my residence in Santa Monica finally found an outlet.

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Mrs. Normal Saves The World

‘Mrs Normal Saves the World’ began as the third of MY comic novels written, like most fiction, as a therapy for daily life. To publicise the book I was encouraged to embark on a blog, ‘, which chronicles the trauma of trying to lead an ethical life without destroying the happy home, and also investigates the shocking, sometimes baffling facts and dilemmas of this world.

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